.8mm. .a little girl and her squirrel.

.throughout this collection, you get to see this little girl grow up. .first as a muddy little kid in an earlier film, now in a trip to the park. .i had a squirrel that visited me as a kid, so i guess that's why i think this is so sweet. .here's a peek at the film to come.


.8mm. .a bit of auto cross 1.

.here are some video stills of some of the 8mm tape in this collection. .videos will be up next!.


.8mm. .air show from the lake.

.these videos were purchased from an estate sale in toronto, so i am guessing this was taken there, and that it's toronto island in the background. .here's a sneak peak, with the video posted at the end. .still working through some quality issues, so hopefully as i go along the videos will start looking a little better.

 .RCAF flight formation. .i can't find a photo of this anywhere online, so i'm wondering if it wasn't often performed. 



.8mm. .take 1.

.this is the least interesting in a 20 film collection i just picked up. .but since it's the shortest, i'm trial running video posting with this one. .this video has muddy kids, kids falling down and someone went fishing. .really, i promise, there are some awesome films to come.