.stratford normal school. .barbara zavitz.

.s. n. s. may 14/24.
.dear viola,- in your wood box of memory, please consider me a chip.
.sincerely, barbara zavitz, croton, ont.


.stratford normal school. .mabel woods and verda woods.

.s. n. s. may 14th, 1924.
.dear viola,- i ask remembrance and that is all.
.your pal, mabel woods.

.s. s. s. may 14/24.
.dear viola,- think of me, when far apart, and many miles apart, when others have your company, and _ has your heart.
.verda woods, st. marys, r. r. no. 4.


.stratford normal school. .clara wood.

.s. n. s. 1924.
.dear viola,- by hook or by crook, i'm the last in this book.
.clara wood.
.150 erie st. stratford.


.stratford normal school. .e. g. wilson, mrs. d. e. wood.

.e. g. wilson.
.romeo school.
.may 21, 1924.

.150 erie st., june 17/24.
.dear viola,- remember me when far away, and when you are half asleep, remember me on your wedding day, and send me a piece of cake.
.mrs. d. e. woods.



.stratford normal school. .monica waters.

.s. n. s. may 14/24.
.dear viola:- in your golden chain of friendship, please consider me a link.
.lovingly- monica waters, kinkora.


.stratford normal school. .hazel watcher.

.s. n. s. june 4/24
.dear viola: believe in signs? - i know you do, so here's a sign - i'll think of you!
.a form IV pal, hazel watcher, ailsa craig.


.stratford normal school. .agnes torrance.

.s. n. s. june 5/24.
.dear viols,- "not enjoyment and not sorrow, is our destined end or way, but to act that each to-morrow, find us farther than to-day."
.sincerely, agnes torrance, ailsa craig.

.stratford normal school. .ella tinning.

.s.n.s., may 14/24.
.dear viola,- to day is the to-morrow you worried about yesterday and all is well.
.ella tinning, a form IV friend.


.stratford normal school. .nettie tilley.

.what? write in your album where others spy? oh! no! i'm shy! i'm going! good-bye!
.sincerely, nettie tilley.


.stratford normal school. .hilda thirlwall.

.mr. halnan's room, june 5/24.
.dear viola, but who can say our meeting's beeb in vain, if but a memory of a smile we each retain.
.sincerely, hilda thirlwall, form IV, ailsa craig.


.stratford normal school. .aileen tanner.

.s.n.s. may 29/24.
.dear viola:- smile and the world smiles with you, weep and you weep alone, for the good old earth has need of your mirth, it has sorrow enough of its own.
.a form IV pal, aileen tanner, paisley.


.stratford normal school. .edith a. snyder, florence stewart, freida talbot.

.s.n.s. june 5/24.
.dear viola- remember me is all i ask, but if remembrance prove a task, then cast the name of edith by, and find a truer friend than i.
.sincerely, edith snyder, mount forest.


.s.n.s. june 5/24.
.dear viola- the inner side of every cloud, is always bright and shining, then let us turn our clouds about, and always wear them inside out, to show their silver lining.
.sincerely, florence stewart, brussels.

.s.n.s. june 5/24.
.dear viola- here's tp the bird that flew aloft, and never lost a feather, if viola can't marry the man she loves, she'll teach school forever.
.lovingly, freida talbot, bayfield.


.stratford normal school. .j. florence smith.

.s.n.s. mar 12/24.
.dear viola,- we have not wings, we cannot soar, but we have feet to scale and climb, by slow degrees, by more and more, the cloudy summits of our time.
.j. florence smith.


.stratford normal school. .ena smith.

.s.n.s., may 29, 1924.
.dear viola,- if you wish to be happy all the day, make someonle else happy,- all the day.
.ena smith, from form h, thamesford.