.stratford normal school. .laura ross.

.s. n. s. june 9th, 1924.
.dear viola; if you want to maintain heavenly joys, thinks more of your books and less of the boys.
.laura n. ross.


.stratford normal school. .f. robson.

s. n. s. june 9/24.
.dear viola:- make for yourself a strong box, fasten each part with care, fit it with lock and big key, and pack all your troubles in there, put therein all your troubles, each frown and all of your chaff, hide therein all your crassness, then sit on the lid and laugh.
.sincerely, f. robson, tara.


.stratford normal school. .mary scott ripley.

.stratford, june 10.
.dear viola,- i write this not for beauty, i write it not for fame, i write it for remembrance, and here i sign my name.
.mary scott ripley, r. r. #1.


.stratford normal school. .irene rathwell.

.s. n. s. june 11/24.
.dear viola.- some friends may wish thee happiness, others may wish thee wealth, my wish for thee is better far, contentment, blist(?) with health.
.sinserely, irene rathwell, lucknow.


.stratford normal school. . mcgillawee and hilda r.

.april 16/24.
.make new friends, but keep the old, those are silver, these are gold.
.mrs. mcgillawee.

.s. n. s. feb. 2nd/24.
.dearest pal; there is no garden so complete, but roses make the place more sweet, there is no life so rich or rare, but one more friend may enter there!
.sincerely, hilda r, kincardine.


.stratford normal school. . mildred passmore.

.romeo school, may 21/24.
.dear viola: if you would see heaven and its joys, think more of your prayers, and less of the boys.
.youe 3rd form friend, mildred passmore, brussels, ont.


.stratford normal school. . jane rae.

.stratford, ont., june 11/24.
.dear viola:- you asked me to write, what shall it be, just two words, remember me.
. a 4th form friend, jane rae, listowel.


.stratford normal school. . sadie mcnair.

.s. s. s. june 4, 1025.
.dear viola:- i wish you health, i wish you wealth, i wish you gold in store, i wish you heaven after health, what can i wish you more? 
.yours sincerely, sadie mcnair, form III, brussels, r. r. no. 2.


.stratford normal school. . mary mcmichael.

.s. n. s. june 6/24.
.dear viola, i hope and pray in rhyme sincere, all good things may attend you.
.sincerely, mary mcmichael. 


.stratford normal school. . jean mcconnell.

.s. n. s. may 21/24.
.dear viola- remember me now, remember me ever, remember the time we went to school together.
.jean mcconnell, dublin.


.stratford normal school. . flora macdonald.

.stratford, june 9/24.
.dear viola:- may your joys be as deep as the ocean, your sorrows as light as its foam.
.sincerely, flora macdonald, parkhill.


.stratford normal school. .margaret lovell.

.s. n. s. june/24.
.dear viola: the heights by great men reached and kept, were not attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were tailing upward in the night. 
.ever do any night work? margaret lovell.