.stratford normal school. .wilma langford.

.s. n. s. june 6/24.
.dear viola, i sign my name in this page of blue, to show i'll always remember you. 
.a normal friend, wilma langford, stratford. 


.stratford normal school. .jessie c. gaudy, thornton, lovell

.keep thow thy dreams through all the winter's cold, when weeds withered and the garden grey, dream thow of roses with their hearts of gold, beckoning summers that are on their way.
.march.12.24, jessie, c, gaudy.

.s. n. s. june, 1924.
.dear viola, live truly, and thy life shall be a great and noble creed.
.sincerely, mela m. ?, st. marys.

.s. n. s. 
.dear viola: "true happiness is found in service for others."
.sincerely, mina, mitchell, ontario.

.s. n. s. may 29/24.
dear viola, there is room for my name in your album, there is room for yours in my heart, there is room for us both in heaven, where friends may never part.
.glenna thornton, woodstock, r.r.#1.


.stratford, june 4th, 1924.
.dear viola, friendship's wishes are the sweetest, writ in characters of gold, friendship's memories are the dearest, to the friends most loved of old.
.sincerely, gertrude lovell. 


.stratford normal school. .janet hogg.

.s. .n. s. june, '24.
.dear viola, seek not praise but do your duty, love the right and work for it, then the world will be the better, because you have lived in it.
.sincerely, janet hoog, r.r.no 5, seaforth, ontario.


.stratford normal school. . isabell nichol.

.s. n. s. june 9/24.
deal viola,- be good sweet maid, and let who will be clever, do noble things, not dream them all day long, and so make life, death and this vast forever, one grand sweet song.
.sincerely, isabell nichol, listowell, r. r. no. 1.

.stratford normal school. .vera lee.

.s. n. s. june 19/24.
.dear viola: just "farewell is all i can say.
.sincerely, vera lee, harriston.

.stratford normal school. .margaret elliott.

.s. n. s. june 12/24
.dear viola, the eagle may forget the rock, the ocean bird the sea, the flowers may forget to bloom, i will remember thee.
.sincerely, margaret elliot, r.r. no3.


.stratford normal school. .gertrude durkin.

.romeo school may 1924. 
.dear viola, i love one, i love two, i love another and that is you. 
.gertrude durkin, 175 church street, stratford ontario.


.stratford normal school. .vera a. crozier.

.s n. s. june 13/24. 
.dear viola, strew gladness on the paths of men, you may not pass this way again. .sincerely vera a. crozier, halton ontatio.


.stratford normal school. .marguerite campbell.

.s. n. s. june, 24. 
.my dear viola, our greatest glory not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. 
.sincerely yours, marguerite campbell, thedford rr3.


.stratford normal school. .florence austin.

.s. n. s. june 18/24. 
.dear viola, of what shall a man be proud if he is not proud of his friends. .sincerely yours, florence austin, arkona.