.stratford normal school. .viola wells.

.in 2002, i found an autograph book at berts bells antiques, and slowly became a little over interested in finding the people who wrote in the book.  .after hours in the archives in stratford, i found the year book, wrote my university thesis, and packed it all away in a box after graduation. .last week, i found the actual yearbook at an antique market, and my interest was sparked again.


.things to come, .viola wells and the stratford normal school.

.the normal school=teacher's college. .because they were taught to teach what was normal.

.art is no recreation. .it cannot be learned at spare moments, nor pursued when we have nothing better to do. .from mrs. mayberry quotes ruskin. 

.this world, after all our science, is still a miracle. .dr. emery quotes carlyle.

.there is mo better training for uncommon opportunities than diligence in common affairs. .miss everson.


.glass negative greenhouses.

.it had been my intent to not be one of those blogs that's only purpose is to re-post things that other people have already posted, but as i was looking for a quick blurb about the history of glass negatives, i came across this:  glass negative green houses .WOW. .WOW. .WOW. .i can't wait to look into this more, i'm completely fascinated, and you may see a bit more of this in the months to come. .i've contemplated even making one, but i wouldn't want to loose all the photos i've found.


.things that get lost in boxes. .glass negatives.

.these lovely glass negatives tend to hide in tiny boxes, boxes that i never seem to see amongst all the clutter. .thankfully, one of my hunting partners has a keen eye for this kind of thing, and humors me by letting me pick half of the slides in the box blindly so we each go home with some. .i was lucky this time and got what looks to be a nice little story.

.glass negatives often had long exposures, don't you love how she's hold the dog by it's ears!?!


.things that get lost in books.

.i suppose you could say i have an old soul. .i love flea markets and spending days sifting though other people's belongings in antique stores. .i also love the smell of old books, and better yet, the things that get tucked between their pages. .below are a few examples of the lovely things that may get lost, if you never look in unlikely places.

.this was a happy accident. .with my love for abandoned buildings, i was thrilled to find this photo. .who knows why someone took it many years ago, maybe they shared the same hobby!


.w. t. issell. .17. .niagara falls and the end of book #1.

.looks like the u.s.a. side of the falls.

.on a personal note, i think this photo is great! .who doesn't love swings!

.so this ends the first book of the lives of w. t. issell, his family and friends. .initially it looked like he was making a scrapbook of his life, maybe for his wife? .i guess unless someone in his family finds its ways through the cracks, we will never know. .up in a little while is the second book in the collection. .it's a bit creepier, a bit odder, and maybe just a bit entertaining!


.w. t. issell. .16. ,the young w. t. grows up.

.looks like w.t. and his brother have grown up. .no more poofed pants tucked beneath socks, and it looks like he may have even gotten married


.w. t. issell. .15. .kingston memorial arch and an unknown parade.

.the more photos i go through, the more confused i get. .for instance, in this photo, the derry walls banner. .here is a brief account of my google research, and the ride a simple search can take you on. .derry is the largest walled city in ireland=derry walls. .but it looks like a parade. .maybe the marchers are of the grand orange lodge. .or apprentice boys. .i am just guessing that this is in kingston, but i could be completely wrong as well.

.if only i could read the banner, things might make themselves a little clearer.

The Memorial Arch was erected during 1923 and completed in 1924 by the Ex-Cadet Club of Canada and was paid for by subscriptions from among its membership and from other friends of the College. The cost of the splendid structure was about seventy thousand dollars. The architect was J. M. Lyle, Esq., of Toronto. This noble memorial stands within the College grounds, about thirty yards distant from the Toronto – Montreal highway. It is 46 feet high and 42 feet wide and is constructed of granite and Indiana limestone.

to read more about the opening http://everitas.rmcclub.ca/?p=18093