.w. t. issell. .book #2. .the family album.

.in the first album, little w. t. wrote captions and comments throughout his album. .this album, of the same family, strangely, has nearly no captions. .i guess these ones are open to our best guesses. .look forward to some ghostly images, some beautiful photography, and as always, a few quirks and images that look to have inspired a few horror movies.  


.things that get lost in books. .2. .an earlier me.

.in my junk hunting these past few weeks, i've  come across some pretty amazing things, well to me anyways. .one of my hobbies is exploring abandoned places, houses, industries and all other places than have been left behind. .i sometimes feel like i was born into the wrong year, new stuff doesn't interest me as much as the older things do. .or, if you believe in the past life possibilities, one of these little girls could have been me. .i'm making a guess that these photos were from the 40s, based on what else i found in the box with them. .looks like it's never too late to start exploring. .now if only i knew where this was.

.a little bit behind. .scotiabank CONTACT photography festival.

.so. .you may have noticed. .i haven't been here in a while. .i've had another project on the go, and have also been sorting through thousands of old photos, trying to figure out which story wants to be explored next. .hopefully i'll be back in the swing of things soon, but until then, check out here to see what i've been up to lately. .and.once.we.were. CONTACT photography festival 

.here are some of my favorites from this show.

.in a remote region in iceland lies a valley untouched by modern development. .it is here that schuster photographs nature’s influence on a society that modernism left behind. .djúpavík is a small fishing town, home to a 1930s herring factory that was once the largest concrete building in iceland but closed in 1954. .the beauty of the surrounding mountainous landscape is echoed in these haunting architectural remains, a testament to the silent hand of time.

.the whole set can be found on my flickr page here.