.w. t. issell. .book #2. .the family album. .and it ends.

.these are the last photos from this book. .sadly, i haven't figured out much more about the issells than when i had started, but i hope you have enjoyed the company. 

.one other question is also left, who has been taking all the photos?


.w. t. issell. .book #2. .the family album. .CPR train. .caledon mountain.

.these pictures taken from rear coach (?) of CPR train going over Caledon Mountain, top picture turning right, bottom picture turning left.

.binder standing still. .binder working cutting oats. .second last post, i wonder who binder is?


.w. t. issell. .book #2. .the family album. .peace day parade.

.queen park in toronto.

.veteran sailors, peace day parade. .this is now called the warrior's day parade. .to read about the very first parade go here, and to read about the history of it go here.


.w. t. issell. .book #2. .the family album. .a little more dress up.

.i'm not really sure how these kids fit into the album. .everything is being posted in order as it was in the bound album, but this just doesn't seem to fit.