i know I have taken a very long break from this blog. my focus has been shifting, constantly changing from week to week really. so here is a quick update for those of you who still check in on this page. I'm taking part in an outdoor sale in Caledon, Ontario this weekend. I'm producing a lot of new items, and will have some antiques for sale as well. 


.taking a break. .a very long break.

.i'll be back to this in the new year. .please don't forget to come check it out again.


.mystery bubble house.

.dave found an old slide projector that had some slides still in the carousel. .looks like they could be from a movie, any help would be great. .movie? . commercial? . music video? .print add?


.carte postale. .36 contrexeville.

.people used to send postcards, sometimes with the silliest of messages.

.mon cheri, mon bain - trea bon eh?

.sent from Paris to Indianapolis 1918.